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About Johnny Feelgood

He's a mythical creature - a man of no obvious or inherent talent, but a man with a desire to see and do everything. He likes meaningful conversations, long walks on the beach and riding golden camels while naked and high on a secret family recipe of peyote and cheap glue.

But seriously, Johnny Feelgood is a group of young devils & devillettes sent from the bad-lands (think Mad Max) to create adventures for those willing to rock the highways of OZ with a beer in one hand and a big fat spliff in the other. They are young, good-looking (maybe) and very, very clever - much cleverer than me.

Who am i? I'm that little voice in your head that tells you to do bad things - like 'Quit your job', 'Smack your boss' and 'Run over the neighbours cat'. You shouldn't always listen to this little voice, except when you're drunk and when he's talking about Johnny Feelgood...then it's ok.

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