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Australia - Transport, Activities and Travel Information

Coming to Australia?  Already live here?  Well Johnny has some fun times for you!  With discounts on accommodation and transport all over Australia, we are the best booking site to get your holiday going!  Australia is an island nation with approximately 22 million people, 50 million kangaroos and a heap of empty land!  With moon-like desert landscapes and crystal blue coastline from Hobart to Hervey Bay and then some - Autsralia is a natural wonderland full of weird animals and ancient Aboriginal heritage.  And tourism is a big deal too - with Bungee Jumping, surfing, skydiving, campervan hire, car rental, 4WD Hire all just a click away - Australia has never been more accessible to so many!   With so many discounts, Johnny is the number one booking site for travellers and backpackers looking to get the most out of their Australian holiday adventure!